Windows 10 not detecting the wifi network

Recently, I changed the wifi channel of my router to channel "12" because I wanted to be on a different channel than the default channel used by many routers. I was hoping I'd get better speeds by being on a different channel used by my dear neighbors. My phone detected the wifi network on the new channel but Windows 10 did not. Turns out, we need to change the adapter settings to allow wifi receiver to detect wifi networks on a different channel.

This may not apply to all Windows 10 users but It did affect me and I found a solution.

Here is how I did it:
Press Win+E and enter Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections in the address bar.Right-click the wifi adapter and click Properties.Click the Advanced tab.Select Preferred Band under Property.Select the required band.Click OK.
The adapter will reset and you will see your dear-old wifi network. 
Note: Even if you have configured your router not to broadcast SSID, Windows should detect it as a network.

Unconditional Love?

I don't think the love between two people can ever be called unconditional love. The moment the love becomes exclusive to two people, the love becomes conditional. If your lover cuts your ear off, can you still love him/her? The person we love can change, for the bad or good but will we ever be able to sustain the same love throughout?

Unconditional love is always directed to all beings, without judgment, good and bad, towards people of different moralities, to the person who ran his/her car over your dog, etc. It sounds impossible, impractical and naive, and that's why unconditional love is rare. Only an enlightened person can love unconditionally, which is often reflected in the stories of great humans such as Lord Buddha and Jesus.

Do you concur?

A Perspective of Sri Lankan Bus Conductors

You judged already! Didn't you? If you thought that this blog post is a negative, complaining rant about the cussed behaviour of Sri Lankan bus conductors, you will find me irritating (or wise) at the end of this post.

Sri Lankan bus conductors are often criticized for treating passengers as goods and not returning change, among many other 'bad' traits. Is it always true? Are we being judgy? Maybe we should put ourselves in the slippers of a bus conductor to step into the world of bus conducting.

For me, being a bus conductor in the over-utilized transport sector is worse than a nightmare. Imagine spending most of the day in often-moving-slow-due-to-traffic? Being a tropical country, we get more than enough sun which peaks at the peak hours which is also the busiest hours for the bus conductors.

Let's look at the job description of a bus conductor:
Loading passengers to the bus by calling out the destinationsConducting the passengers through the bus (as people often st…

Buddhism and Astrology

Even though my favorite Dhamma teacher Ajahn Brahm rejects astrology, I believe that astrology is not all untrue. Among other things, astrology deeply fascinates me. In my grandfather's horoscope, it is clearly said that his first born son will die prematurely and he will not have a sound relationship with his sons. His newborn son did not survive a week, and I know much about his relationship with his only son to say that his horoscope reading was true. Can that prediction be a coincidence? I don't think so.

Though highly debated, there is scientific evidence to prove that planetary movements affect the human psychology and physiology together with other natural changes. 81 percent of mental health professionals, according to a University of New Orleans study, believe that lunar cycles affect human behavior.

12 Zodiac Signs
For more information see:
The term lunar effect refers to the belief that there is correlation between specific …

How Does Mindfulness Reduce Depression? An Interview with John Teasdale

How does being aware of what you’re doing while you’re doing it help with depression?

There are a number of ways in which being mindfully aware of what you’re doing while you’re doing it can help with depression.

Depression is often kept going, from one moment to the next, by streams of negative thoughts going through the mind (such as “My life is a mess,” “What’s wrong with me?” “I don’t think I can go on”). Redirecting attention away from these ruminative thought streams by becoming really aware of what we’re doing while we’re doing it can “starve” the thought streams of the attention they need to keep going. That way, we “pull the plug” on what is keeping us depressed, and our mood can begin to improve.
Read the rest here: 
John D. Teasdale Ph.D. was a leading researcher at Oxford University, and then in the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge. Te…

Meditatation is the way

I had the greatest opportunity to learn Meditation (the proper word is Bhavana, Ill explain why), from three great teachers: Professor Sumana Ratnayaka (, Mr. Gamini Priyantha, and Mr. Vipula Wanigasekara.

Mr. Gamini Priyantha and Mr. Vipula Wanigasekara ( had two short but important discourses on meditation while Mr. Sumana Ratnayaka was with us for the  whole day observing Sil, in occasion with the Binara Poya that falls today (8th September).

One person had a question for Mr. Sumana Ratnayaka: How do we benefit from Meditation in out day today life?. The answer was brilliant. Mr. Ratnayaka explained that it is impossible to separate Bhavana from the day today life. Western notion of Meditation, does not cover the meaning of Bhavana. Bhavana is to be practiced not just when we are sitting on our meditation cushion, but to practice with our day-today actions, speech and thinking. In other words, there is no path to…

Judging other People!

My friend says that she doesnt judge me. She means well but I don't believe so. Unless you  (or she) have attained some sort of a spiritual status through meditation, you can't prevent yourself from judging other people. We not only judge others, but ourselves. Most of the time, we judge ourselves negatively- I did bad. I was wrong. According to Jahan Brahm :), judging (which can be dangerously erroneous)  is one of the major causes of depression.

We judge the input we receive from all six senses. We judge what we see, hear. feel, smell, taste and even what we think. (Yes, mind that can emulate all the other senses is the most powerful of senses.). We judge our thoughts. Not being able to let go of thoughts prevents us from proceeding in meditation.

I judge everything too and suffer the consequences of not being able to perceive things as they are. But, Id be careful not to state my judgements. I know that the conclusions that I make, leading to judgements are highly erroneou…