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Plucking tea with Happiness

Tea Business in Sri Lanka is highly profitable. The weather,climate,temperature and soil etc are perfect to deliver a high quality premium, refreshingly delicious cup of tea. Thus Ceylon tea has become a trademark symbol in the international tea industry.

Tea plantation worker community in Sri Lanka is a marginalized group of people who's labour is exploited. They find it difficult to attain the basic human needs like shelter,sanitary facilities and education. The low wages barely enables them to make ends meet. From the research work we as students did at Unversity of Peradeniya, I learned that plantation workers are even sexually exploited.

Tea Industry in Sri Lanka lead by the tea board is looking for ways to revitalize, renovate or re-strategize Ceylon tea. This might sound far fetched or unrealistic or even supernatural to some but I thoroughly believe that worker-happiness plays a major role in producing a better product. This can be applied to any industry. If I am working …

Leaders are Nurtured

Many of the speeches, books and articles on leadership are made on it's importance in a business environment. Good leadership can revolutionize a business, bring profits, motivate employees. However the personal benefits of Leadership is often forgotten. 

Parents play a pivotal role in nurturing a leader. So in a way LEADERS ARE BORN through childhood experiences. Parents should let children make their own decisions. This doesn't mean that parents should not look after or shouldn't be cautious of their children's behavior. Children should be advised, supervised, but parents should not go on saying "This is how you must do it!!" or "You are doing it wrong" or "You stupid child". These kind of negative criticisms are very harmful to a child's process of becoming a leader. Instead parents can say "There is another way you can do this!" or "Shall we try this way as well!". Don't ever call your child "stupid"…


I woke up with the happy news from my father that SLT team will come and set-up peo tv. I'm going to watch TV after two months. 2 months since dialog tv came and took away the set top box simply because my father could not pay the bill for once. And we were asked to pay 4000Rs to re-fix the transponder which I thought is utterly ridiculous. And my father is also one of their so called "privileged" dialog customer who has been with Dialog since it's inception. PEO tv had their Christmas promotion and we already had SLT ADSL, thus we decided to go with PEO TV.  Initial fee was less than 4000Rs. 

One thing I realized during the TV-less time was that I can actually do without TV. Apart from the time I spend on the internet, I was quite productive. 
PEO TV is not as bad as I thought it would be. It is a bit sluggish and slower than DTV in responding to the remote controller inputs. But it has it's own advantages. The rewind feature is really good. We can watch those sil…