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Share your PC's Internet Connection on your mobile phone via bluetooth.


This is the coolest tech research i've ever done.
It works like a WIFI connection, via bluetooth.
We all know that we can use the Mobile phones internet connection on our computer. But have you tried the other way. Yes. We can share our DSL connection on our mobile phone via bluetooth. After much research I found it. It worked flawlessly on my SE K800i, should work on other phones as well.

Newbie might need this help
+ To find the mac address --> in command prompt type "getmac"
+ To configure the DHCP server edit the ini file came with the DHCP server software.
In my case , there was no need of using this software.

Thats all

Listen to thousands of free radios stations.

Listen to thousands of free radios stations on This web site categorize radio stations in all ways you want. For example - You can find a radio station casting Micheal Jacksons "Beat It" over the internet. Have you ever listened to Albanian music, You can try. This enables you to listen to music from any corner of the world.
You can listen to these radio station via VLC media player or through the built in flash radio player on the website it self. These radio stations are visible on VLC media player too. On VLC Click -> Media -> Services Discovery -> select Shoutcast radio listings. (I recommend this way, Its fast and easy) To browse the channels Press (Ctrl+L) or / View -> Play list. Enjoy
BTW-- There are some Sri Lankan channels as well.
Radio Stations by Genre.
* Alternative
* Blues
* Classical (Love it)
* Country
* Decades
* Easy Listening (My favorite)
* Electronic
* Folk
* Hip-Hop/Rap
* Inspirational
* International (…

My First Post

Hi World. This blog will be my window to the world. This is my first blog post. I hope to produce something valuable for you. IT is one of my favorites. I'm glad to share my thoughts with you. Please comment.