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Too much to Read

What do you call it when you feel that you are "overwhelmed" by the amount of interesting books, information that is freely available for you to read. I went to this website that let the users download books in PDF, EPub, kindle formats and I felt so uncomfortable seeing the large collection-- Made me bite my teeth.
Just like a bodybuilder who is in a frenzy to build their muscles. Like a thug who wants to beat and get beaten.


Camille Paglia and Alchohol

I love Camille Paglia. I think she is the greatest known women intellectual living today. I agree to most of what she says, may it be civil liberties, sexual repression, Madonna. I wish I can write like her. But she is just an intellectual making philosophical, political arguments and interpretations. She should not be taken for a medical doctor, psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Stupid people should not even think about drinking alcohol. 

Its a slippery slope. Moderate? How much is moderate? Moderate is not going to get what boys want. Boys want to get wasted. Mayo Clinic recommendations are not going to do that. MC also advises alchohol use against middle-aged and young adults.

Paglia says in that:
Alcohol relaxes, facilitates interaction, inspires ideas and promotes humor and hilarity. Used in moderation, it is quickly flushed from the system, with excess punished by a hangover. Mayo Clinic Says:

If you choose to drink alcohol, do so…