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Speed boost for torrents

This is unbelievable. Trust me. When you download torrent you might notice some of them are very slow or almost not starting. I found a solution. Well not actually me. It worked however.
here is the link, from which i found this. This is specially suits for people who download movies. Should work for other stuff as well..
To me the most useful tip is to add more trackers to your torrent. Torrents comes with its own set of trackers. The tip is to add Trackers of our own. Heres the list of trackers i got from the above link.
1- Open the specific torrent using uTorrent (I recommend uTorrent)
2 -right click the torrent - select properties.
add the following list to the end the Tracker list. Enjoy high speed torrent speed.

Just copy and paste this(The Lines in Red). I already made the spaces for you.