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Buddhism and Astrology

Even though my favorite Dhamma teacher Ajahn Brahm rejects astrology, I believe that astrology is not all untrue. Among other things, astrology deeply fascinates me. In my grandfather's horoscope, it is clearly said that his first born son will die prematurely and he will not have a sound relationship with his sons. His newborn son did not survive a week, and I know much about his relationship with his only son to say that his horoscope reading was true. Can that prediction be a coincidence? I don't think so.

Though highly debated, there is scientific evidence to prove that planetary movements affect the human psychology and physiology together with other natural changes. 81 percent of mental health professionals, according to a University of New Orleans study, believe that lunar cycles affect human behavior.

12 Zodiac Signs
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The term lunar effect refers to the belief that there is correlation between specific …