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worrying, whining, complaining, criticizing, fault finding are for pansies.  - :)  

Buddha Space: You're An Idiot Buddhist!

Buddha Space: You're An Idiot Buddhist!:

Someone calls you an idiot. Then you start thinking, “How can they call me an idiot? They’ve got no right to call me an idiot! How rude to call me an idiot! I’ll get them back for calling me an idiot.” And you suddenly realize that you have just let them call you an idiot another four times. Every time you remember what they said, you allow them to call you an idiot yet again. Therein lies the problem. If someone calls you an idiot and you immediately let it go, then it doesn’t bother you. There is the solution. Why allow other people to control your inner happiness? (Ajahn Brahm, ‘Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?’ p.226)............. Read the rest on Buddha Space

Shit Happens! Says the Arsehole.

The thought " Shit Happens, Says the Arsehole " struck my mind while listening to Ajahn Brahm. He didn't say the exact phrase but I thought It would be catchy and cool to make a saying :) Ajahn Brahm teaches people to be happy. Its simply simple as that. He doesn't not define boundaries/explicit rules express or absolute truths that causes guilt, shame and suffering but teaches a way of life that brings harmony, peacefulness, happiness and kindness. It doesn't matter you are in love with Jesus (one should indeed continue loving Jesus), God(s) or Allah, all can come in and experience Buddhism. Buddhism is not a religion where people are forced to do this and refrain from doing that out of fear of god's wrath. That's why Buddhism is growing and surviving the modernization. 

Back to the saying "Shit Happens, Says the Arsehole" . Shit never really happens. We label happenings as shit, bad, terrible or crappy. Things are the way they are. But somehow …