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Buzz with Danu

Even though for such a lame reason, Danu had something to say about "Piliyandala" and it's cows. I was surprised to hear about such a "goday" suburb (where I live as a cow apparently) in the posh columns of DM.

PS : "It was all about boys", except boys were dressed in girl's clothes.

Thoughts in the Bus

Not only the old, the differently-abled, pregnant, women and clergy but everybody deserve a seat in a bus. Suffering and pain are experienced by everybody. I do feel guilty of having to make a choice!
When you give money to a beggar, don't ask yourself whether the donation will encourage beggary, or whether the beggar is a genuine one or not, or whether the beggar is just being lazy, or whether the beggar will use money for drug abuse. If you want to give, Just give it without any conditions. The moment you "give" under such conditions, your self-centeredness defeats your kindness.