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A Perspective of Sri Lankan Bus Conductors

You judged already! Didn't you? If you thought that this blog post is a negative, complaining rant about the cussed behaviour of Sri Lankan bus conductors, you will find me irritating (or wise) at the end of this post.

Sri Lankan bus conductors are often criticized for treating passengers as goods and not returning change, among many other 'bad' traits. Is it always true? Are we being judgy? Maybe we should put ourselves in the slippers of a bus conductor to step into the world of bus conducting.

For me, being a bus conductor in the over-utilized transport sector is worse than a nightmare. Imagine spending most of the day in often-moving-slow-due-to-traffic? Being a tropical country, we get more than enough sun which peaks at the peak hours which is also the busiest hours for the bus conductors.

Let's look at the job description of a bus conductor:
Loading passengers to the bus by calling out the destinationsConducting the passengers through the bus (as people often st…