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Thisaa Reservoir

Thisaa Reservoir, a photo by Saj Fernando on Flickr. Serene!!

Amazing song by Rabindranath Tagore

I was charmed by Thagore's music when I first listened to this song in my oriental music class. Then I look for this song for years but couldn't find.I found this clip on Youtube a year ago. I listened to it today as well and thought of sharing it with you peeps. This is not the best or original version but still good enough to be shared. Please don't mind the visual. Its totally not on par with the tune.

Stereotypes that are not true

Not all three wheeler drivers are bad. Some are really good.
Not all government offices are inefficient. Some are very effective and efficient.
Not all bus conductors are bad. Some are very genuine.
Not all neighbors are enemies. Some neighborhoods are heavenly.