Sri Lankan News Channels - Swarnawahini

Swarnawahini, ITN, Rupawahini, TNL, Derana, Sirasa are the major television news providers in Sri Lanka. All these claims that they are the best of the best. Live @ 8 markets with the caption of "News වලින් First".



This is shameless copy cat. There is no originality in swarnawahini as a channel. Their news is one such occasion of there fakeness which adds to the bunch of crude & and unsuccessful "reality" shows with created realities. Releasing a snake on set,  Mervin's shameless jokes and planned onstage verbal and physical fights are some desperate attempts to attract attention.

Back to their news. I dont want to know anything about this gold covered priest from Gallethanne (Kandy) who works for the goddess maha badhrakali. Apparently there is allegged to be a relationship between his gold and Swarnamahal-A gold jewellery chain - which is owned by their CEO.

I really appreciate the work done by Soma Edirisinghe but they are not news worthy to me.Im sure its the same for other viewers as well. May be swarnawahini should have a separate programme "Jana Sarana". Its just plain waste of very valuable air time.

The rhymed presentation of news is very funny but way too funny for a news telecast. Swarnawahini has lot to learn from Sirasa and Rupawahini in that aspect.

Asking to subscribe for their SMS news alerts for "දන්න සිංහලෙන්" is a clear attack and also a copycat to and of Derana's awesome news alerts. Please stop desperately asking for that and just display it instead of saying. There is no need of presenters personal comment on news, Just present the news as it is. The viewer will decide on the rest. And do not sentimentalize news.

Please filter the advertisements appearing the news ribbon. Some of those ads funnily contradicts the content of the news.

All these facts makes Swarnawahini's news telecast very unprofessional. However their computer graphics remains quite superior. Programs like ගමට අට is very creative and nice to be seen on the weekends. News content although sometimes goes astray is balanced and wholesome.
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