If your Bluetooth on windows is fucked up, messed or screwed -- download and run this Make sure your Bluetooth is on and this exe will download the best drivers and software for you. It might take time but It works. There is no other way to reset Bluetooth in my humble opinion. No use of deleting registry entries, deleting paired devices.
Unfortunately there is no open source alternative to buggy Microsoft bluetooth stack. I could have downloaded a pirated, cracked version of Bluesoil paid app but I didn't do it coz it is a sin to do so. It is stealing. Yes there is nothing about downloading pirated Bluetooth apps on ancient scriptures, Bible, Qoran or Tripitaka. But sin is a sin. The creator of bluesoil would nor like it.

I am really lazy to plug in the USB, or to eject my memory card which is also another easy alternative. But I have this obsessive need to have a laptop that is perfectly working :P and I would spend lots of time on it. :P

Hope this helps.

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