I love ♥ Power-Cuts

Whenever there is a power cut I expect my Facebook friends to update statuses expressing their displeasure. One would ask CEB (Ceylon Electricity Board) to go to hell, someone else would curse the incumbent government, the president, minister or ministry of power supply.

I used to enjoy power cuts a lot when I was small. Whenever there was a power cut, me and my two older brothers, surrounded by mom and dad get all cuddly in the bed. It was a small bed, I cant imagine how all five of us made space to be on it. My father who is a born story teller would take out one of his untold tales. He would somehow connect the story to his late grandfather. I seriously thought that those stories are real. We would play Ataka-Nataka on my mom's palm. (A game played with fingers and a palm) It was great to to have candle-lit family dinner. I loved the power cuts so much that I would purposefully disconnect the power from the main-switch, so when power comes nobody get to know. Someone would fart and mom send each, one by one, out of the room to find the culprit. Most of the time I get caught, even though I never meant to and sometimes I didn't do so. :D Those are some cherish-able picture perfect memories that I will remember.