Dr.Blah's mistreatment of Cancer patients

Venue : Navaloka Hospitals Colombo, Sri Lanka
Time : 8.00 PM
Date : 20th November 2012
Protagonists : Cancer patients and their family/friends

Dr. Blawardna is not in his room. He had stormed out of his room angrily, as there was no nurse to attend his call. Group of cancer patients have flocked in front of the nurses' counter, demanding that they must meet the doctor or get refunded. Hospital policy arranges refunding the channeling charges, but there was no way to cover the traveling expenses of the patients. The hullabaloo is getting louder and has turned it self in to a picketing protest. 

Dr. Blahrwadna is a reputed consultant doctor (assumed by the 25+ patients he had excluding the people who had already gone home) specialized in treating cancers. Is it really fair/justifiable to storm out of his room for such a silly cause? Usually when a doctor arrives he has to report to the nurses' counter so that they can allocate a nurse and make the dramatic announcement. "Patients to see Dr. Blah, Please come to room number 42". Which had not happened in this particular scenario.

They are cancer patients that he was messing with. Cancer patients are like people who has been given the death certificate prior to their death. One of them were on a wheel-chair. Most have come with their 80+ elderly mothers. Some of his patients had chartered vehicles paying 1000s of rupees. One of the patients from Monaragala had paid 8000 rupees (roughly 80+ USD). Other one from Dikwella had paid 12,000 Rupees. Some of those have come from rural areas like Kalpitiya, Ampara, Matara and Dambulla to Colombo just to see the consultant doctor specialized in treating their life threatening medical condition. These people had left their homes in the early morning and has no interest in picnicking or window-shopping in Colombo.

Hospital staff was trying solve the issue even though they were the ones who were vehemently blamed. One of them, keeping a handset on his ears, is pretending to reach the doctor via phone.One of the husbands of a patient is threatening to call the police and to report Sirasa TV. Hospital security has been summoned.

I did not know what happened in the end as I was summoned to meet my doctor (one of the kindest of human beings). I was surprised by the way the two doctors juxtaposed. They are so different from each other. Sri Lankans give doctors a god like status. Most of the doctors have taken it for granted and they often treat their patients like trash. Now this happened in one of the best private hospitals in Sri Lanka and wonder how he would be treating his patients at the state-funded hospitals.

I wish Dr. Blahwardena a little bit of kindness for his poor patients.
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