9 Facebook habits that annoy the fish out of me

But who am I to judge how other should behave on facebook.

1. Duplicate facebook accounts, and adding me from both.

2. Everybody knows that game request annoy us. So does invitations for facebook pages.

3. Asking to like their photos. I mean get real. How pathetic is that.

4. Tagging on images that are not photos. And doing it a lot.

5. Asking to like photos for charity so that facebook will pay for them. Rubbish.

6. Changing your name to some rubbish is so freaking ridiculous. On top of that having a picture of a cat as the profile pic. Anooying.

7. Adding me to looong, irrelevant chat conversations and filling my inbox.

8. Sending friend requests without profile pictures.

9. Telling others how to behave on facebook. :P I mean, seriously.

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