Freedom from Fear :)

Something wonderful happened to me in the bus the other day. As I was sitting in the last row of the bus, the well built man sitting next to me was suddenly looking at a direction, being very inquisitive. When someone does that, others' follow. Me too took a peek-a-book. And in that moment, the well built man put his hand inside my bag. hoping to get out something valuable. I saw it and I, involuntarily,  put my hand on my bag. The man  took his hand out and apologized. Yeah, he was a thief with manners.

I was terrified. I was hoping that this man would follow me around Pettah when I get down the bus. Here is the fun part full of wisdom, the stream of consciousness. I let go. I had couple of 1000ds and, my phone in my bag. But I let go of everything. Whats the big deal. The fear disappeared. I was free from fear.

:) :D

But don't leave the bag open, even a lil bit. It is an invitation for thieves.

~ finis ~
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