Judging other People!

My friend says that she doesnt judge me. She means well but I don't believe so. Unless you  (or she) have attained some sort of a spiritual status through meditation, you can't prevent yourself from judging other people. We not only judge others, but ourselves. Most of the time, we judge ourselves negatively- I did bad. I was wrong. According to Jahan Brahm :), judging (which can be dangerously erroneous)  is one of the major causes of depression.

We judge the input we receive from all six senses. We judge what we see, hear. feel, smell, taste and even what we think. (Yes, mind that can emulate all the other senses is the most powerful of senses.). We judge our thoughts. Not being able to let go of thoughts prevents us from proceeding in meditation.

I judge everything too and suffer the consequences of not being able to perceive things as they are. But, Id be careful not to state my judgements. I know that the conclusions that I make, leading to judgements are highly erroneous. Stating my half-baked judgements can hurt someone, can lead to bad things.

Even Though we receive sensory inputs as they are, we look at them with distorted lenses. If the conclusions I make are dubious, then my judgements should be too. When I meditate, I let go judging my thoughts. As a result, when I don't meditate, I'm inclined to let go of the judgement of what I receive from the sensory inputs.- I see things as they are. When we don't judge, we see the beauty. :) This is my theory for now.

Love. ♥
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