Meditatation is the way

I had the greatest opportunity to learn Meditation (the proper word is Bhavana, Ill explain why), from three great teachers: Professor Sumana Ratnayaka (, Mr. Gamini Priyantha, and Mr. Vipula Wanigasekara.

Mr. Gamini Priyantha and Mr. Vipula Wanigasekara ( had two short but important discourses on meditation while Mr. Sumana Ratnayaka was with us for the  whole day observing Sil, in occasion with the Binara Poya that falls today (8th September).

One person had a question for Mr. Sumana Ratnayaka: How do we benefit from Meditation in out day today life?. The answer was brilliant. Mr. Ratnayaka explained that it is impossible to separate Bhavana from the day today life. Western notion of Meditation, does not cover the meaning of Bhavana. Bhavana is to be practiced not just when we are sitting on our meditation cushion, but to practice with our day-today actions, speech and thinking. In other words, there is no path to meditation; meditation is the way. :) There is no path to peace, peace is the path. There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path. :)

He suggested Mindfullness in Plain English by Henepola Gunaratana as a good book on mindfullness. You can read a full online copy here:  Buy it here - or on Amazon.

If you are interested in reading Tripitaka Sutta in plain Sinhala, He recommended the translation by Mr. Soyza. I found an on-line copy here.

We ended the day with the Karaneeya metta sutra. I also learned that Metta sutta extends kindness to the mother nature, including the trees.  Buddhism is totally my type of religion.

Metta to you. 

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