Buddhism and Astrology

Even though my favorite Dhamma teacher Ajahn Brahm rejects astrology, I believe that astrology is not all untrue. Among other things, astrology deeply fascinates me. In my grandfather's horoscope, it is clearly said that his first born son will die prematurely and he will not have a sound relationship with his sons. His newborn son did not survive a week, and I know much about his relationship with his only son to say that his horoscope reading was true. Can that prediction be a coincidence? I don't think so.

Though highly debated, there is scientific evidence to prove that planetary movements affect the human psychology and physiology together with other natural changes. 81 percent of mental health professionals, according to a University of New Orleans study, believe that lunar cycles affect human behavior.

12 Zodiac Signs

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The term lunar effect refers to the belief that there is correlation between specific stages of the Earth's lunar cycle and behavior in animals, including humans, that cannot simply be explained by variation in light levels. A considerable number of studies have examined the belief: by the late 1980s, there were at least 40 published studies on the purported lunar-lunacy connection,and at least 20 published studies on the purported lunar-birthrate connection.
Ajahn Brahm even though rejected astrology, never said that astrology is false. :) From his perspective, talking about astrology is a waste of time and I agree with his decision. Also, in my opinion, things that concerns astrology are not concerns of Buddhism.

Why would someone want to get their horoscope read? Most of the time, people seek astrological readings if they are not healthy, if their relationship is going south or they are not happy with their career. Buddhism will not help you with these material problems but teaches the right attitude to look at those problems. In other words, the fact that you are going to experience a rough patch in your 40s is not a concern of Buddhism. But, with the right attitude, we can face the rough patch with less unhappiness. In other words, Buddhism teaches that change is inevitable and natural that there is no use of worrying about it whereas astrology is obsessed with change. If you learn to accept or realize the changing nature of existence, you would not want to check your horoscope.

Noble Eight-fold Path

If your horoscope predicts that you will become a millionaire in your 40, don't get your hopes up. Being rich does not necessarily mean that you will be happy. There are so many rich but unhappy people. There are people living in big mansions alone. Some have said that winning the lottery was the worst thing happened to them.

I read horoscopes just out of the fascination and the mystery that surrounds the oneness of the universe.
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