Discrimination, Globalization & Hypocrisy

When I grow old Id like to migrate to another country. Probably USA,Canada or any other European country. I think I'd be much happier there. I'm not saying that Sri Lanka is bad place to live,But its my personal choice. But my best friend says that he does not want to live abroad. Reason as he points out is that Discrimination. He says that he doesn't want to be treated as a second class citizen in a foreign country. He wont be able to bear the alienation and don't want to be a victim of their double standards. My counter arguments are....

  • How can you expect those foreigners to treat us the same when you don't do the same EVEN for your own Sri Lankans. Most of us clearly discriminate people regarding their caste and ethnicity.
  • Its your hurt pride my friend.Its your ego. Why should you be bothered by their attitudes? 

We should think globally. We often talk about globalization and its positive impacts but we cant even think as a one nation. We discriminate other in various ways - caste,class,sex,gender to name a few. Lord Buddha wisely points out that the geographical division of land as countries or nations is an invitation to problems. This might sounds impossible and impractical in the modern word, But we can at least THINK that way.

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