Be a scientist at no cost :)

I always wanted to be a scientist. Not in a particular field though. Like Gerald Durrel, I'm so curious about the animal biology. Same is true for plant life as well. I wanted to dissect dead animals living plants etc. I wanted to own a microscope so that I can see what the human eye cannot see. I wished if I had a expensive powerful telescope to see the space fileld with stars, planets and other unsolved mysteries. I played in my dad's chemistry lab using test-tube concoting various chemicals. Once I dipped a piece of Sodium in a tub of water and it exploded. It was so fun, but my father still had no clue.

I realize that I dont really need those expensive tools to become a scientist. I have my own science lab. I have a mind that is unexplored, unwatched, unobserved. A mind that is full of potential. Mind is the least understood entity of human existence. Some believe that our brain is involved in thinking. But the story of the Oxford graduate with literally no brain, confuses the scientific community even today.

Our mind is full of wonders and mysteries. We can start experimenting on it right now. How does thoughts come in to our mind? Is there a space betwenn our thoughts? How does thoughts get connected to each other making us wander all over the place in to past and future.

Buddhist monks probably can be called the professionals in mind-science (meditation) field. They have PhD's in mind science. They are the real scientists. A science free of dogma. A science that is open to everubody. A science that is not limited to what we see, hear, feel.

Its so fun to watch the way our mind works. I'm a beginner and I have witnessed many wonderful experiences. I once meditated and I felt as I was levitating. The outside work was completly cut off. It felt wonderful but as It was my first time, I panicked and lost all the progress. :)

Be a scientist. Our mind is the best place to start. Now is the best time. 
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