Why am I writing?

My blog is

1. A pompous egoistic need to have a my presence on the world wide web.

Most of the time I end up feeling disappointed by my awkward writing style. Still insecure about English grammar. It also sound very stupid when I read my past posts. Please don't read them. I did not write any of  them (according to quantum physics and Buddhist doctrine of Anicca). 

2. Provides a timeline of my interests.

3. To have fans, follwers aka. to be famous. (I dont really care now) 

4. To improve writing. You would see if you read my former posts.

5. To make political, social, religious criticism in the form of hints/remarks.

6. Shows that even though sometimes I'm so sure of what I say, that I can be wrong. 

7. Joblessness and boredom. 

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