Life after death?

If one day I realize that there is no life after death, I would commit suicide instantly. I am not depressed. I experience a fare share of depressive moments as everybody else. I experience extremely joyous moments as well. I am loved. I have people around me to love. But its still more filled with trying, troubles, pain, monotony, expectations, grief, separation. I undergo all those negative feelings to achieve those limited periods of joyous moments. A hot cup of tea is refreshingly delicious. But the feeling doesn't last for a long. We get bored. We might not have money to buy another cup. We buy an SUV, only to find that there is a better car in the market. We are always worried about the safety of the car. The bliss of sex last for a very short time. There are so many luxuries in the world that we cannot afford. We have all the luxuries but we are  still jealous of others.

By committing suicide I can avoid all those. If there is no life after death, people will be forced/inclined to kill, steal, rape and commit all kind of crimes. Life after death fits into the puzzle very well. Every action has a reaction. It is a part of the nature. Its the law of the universe. Buddha did not create the law. Buddha just found out and explained.

Why some are born with crooked limbs and other with beautiful, attractive bodies? Why some are so wise and others are not. Why does kind people get all the troubles, while the evil doer seems to thrive? Only the law of cause and effect can explain these phenomena.

I am pretty convinced that there is life after death. I am not afraid and I can't wait to witness it (out of curiosity). 
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