"No Ironing" Policy

If the world, specially companies can adopt a "No ironing required" policy for their employees, it would be humongously beneficial. In several ways.

First it would be earth friendly, thus making companies more ;), i mean genuinely sustainable. Ironing requires a hell of a lot of energy. My meter goes crazy when ironing.

Ironing eats up time as well, reducing the efficiency of the employees, getting them late to come to work.

No-ironing policy saves money by cutting of the electricity bill. (which is a hot issue for Sri Lankan middle-class these days).

Ironing destroys fabrics sooner. The heat speeds up the decay. Ironed shirts becomes thinner and it washes out the color.

Ironing is utterly useless. Ironed shirt doesn't make employees efficient or effective. It does not have any effect on the quality of the work. Its just for the show. I mean who are we kidding right?

Gosh, some people even iron their underpants and wests. Nonsense. If you are wearing a coat, you can just iron the visible parts of the shirt (e.g. collar, cuffs, buttons) and leave the rest un-ironed. And the back of your shirt is anyway going to get crumpled (specially if you are taking the bus). 
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