Meditation and Bipolar

As I see it, meditation creates an equilibrium in our mind. Our mind is on a rapid flux. It fluctuates from moods such as anger, depression to bright happiness that prevents us from seeing what's happening around us. Due to these moods we take wrong decisions, make mis-judgements.

In Anapanasati (breathing) meditation, we focus our mind on the breath gradually. First we start by experiences the sensory inputs (what we see, feel, hear, thoughts, perceptions, feelings) as they are. We are aware of what's happening around us. Then we focus on our breath, gradually creating an equilibrium.

The more we are exposed to this equilibrium, we develop a mind that leans towards the equilibrium. It stays there even after we get up from the cushion. Thats the difference with meditation. It creates a permanent effect, unlike meth, although makes you "happy", leaves you with cruel side-effects.

Whatever the biological factors that cause bipolar disorder, our mind also plays a big role in our unstable moods. Except in extreme cases (your psychiatrist should judge that for you), you can train your mind and be prepared for an bipolar outbreak. Theoretically (as I have had not had the opportunity to experience bipolar), the gap between the fluctuations should lesson with meditation. With the continuous practice, the instability will cease.

When life gives you bipolar, you can meditate.

There are so many articles on bipolar and meditation. Please comment if you find good ones.

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