Thumbs Down - Kandy Railway Station

Fort-Kandy railway journey is a must to have. I have had the exotic opportunity to experience the joyous journey yesterday. Unfortunately, I won't be talking about that today. The bad impression made by the Sri Lankan railway rose upon the joy of the train ride.

The station itself was so messy. It looked as if they have done nothing to improve it after the departure of the British rulers who established the Sri Lankan railway.

Station was dilapidated and messy. It was not clean. The newly imported coaches shone brightly in the unmended platform.

It took such a long time for me to figure out the train schedule. Station had several boards displaying the train schedule. I did not know which one was updated and which one was accurate. Someone was seen dialing down the clocks in the blackboard by hand. How modern that it? Even that was messy. It was quite hard to figure out the times, whether the train or express or fast? etc.

I was in queue waiting to get a 4 PM train ticket to Fort. When I finally met him he told me to come back after sometime. He was rude; callous; unhelpful. If it was mentioned in a board or something, I would have saved some time.

Contrary to the popular belief that government offices are inefficient, i thought that the offices have grown. But the Kandy railway incident deeply reversed my good opinion. Good opinion once, twice, thrice lost tends to lost forever.  
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