I woke up with the happy news from my father that SLT team will come and set-up peo tv. I'm going to watch TV after two months. 2 months since dialog tv came and took away the set top box simply because my father could not pay the bill for once. And we were asked to pay 4000Rs to re-fix the transponder which I thought is utterly ridiculous. And my father is also one of their so called "privileged" dialog customer who has been with Dialog since it's inception. PEO tv had their Christmas promotion and we already had SLT ADSL, thus we decided to go with PEO TV.  Initial fee was less than 4000Rs. 

One thing I realized during the TV-less time was that I can actually do without TV. Apart from the time I spend on the internet, I was quite productive. 

PEO TV is not as bad as I thought it would be. It is a bit sluggish and slower than DTV in responding to the remote controller inputs. But it has it's own advantages. The rewind feature is really good. We can watch those silly and soapy Sinhala tele-drama at any moment we want. But it  is free only for local channels. I can watch the saturday movie with less frustration where I skip the TV commercials like a boss. Those people who put advertisements are not gonna like this feature. The voice and video will not sync properly at the selection of a channel but it goes away in a moment. PEO tv is the better option for wide screen TVs like the 42 Sony Bravia we have. Dialog's DTV will stretch/distort the image to make the most of wide-screen TVs, which make us feel that all the people are fatter than us, thus making us happy. Once my mother noticed that this particular Rupawahini news presenter has become fat. :)

It also has features like astrology, pitarata jobs and A/L Chemistry,Physics lessons. My cousin said that some of the stuff taught on chemistry lessons PEO TV are wrong. So the quality of  the content need to be taken care of. Why only Chemistry & Physics who no Arts/Commerce subjects?

PEO TV can include cookery demonstrations, which I think would be cool. We can prepare the ingredients before watching the video. It should be possible to browse websites via TV right? That feature would be great. It will be nice to scroll through our favorite news website, facebook etc.   

With PEO tv, ADSL speed has significantly increased. Our old prolink wireless router was replaced by the small white high power ZTE wireless router. With the old router , I'm trying to make a wireless bridge to expand the wifi signal,but still no luck. 

I really like the SLT customer service. They are very polite in person and on telephone. And their service is quick most of the time.  

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