Leaders are Nurtured

Many of the speeches, books and articles on leadership are made on it's importance in a business environment. Good leadership can revolutionize a business, bring profits, motivate employees. However the personal benefits of Leadership is often forgotten. 

Parents play a pivotal role in nurturing a leader. So in a way LEADERS ARE BORN through childhood experiences. Parents should let children make their own decisions. This doesn't mean that parents should not look after or shouldn't be cautious of their children's behavior. Children should be advised, supervised, but parents should not go on saying "This is how you must do it!!" or "You are doing it wrong" or "You stupid child". These kind of negative criticisms are very harmful to a child's process of becoming a leader. Instead parents can say "There is another way you can do this!" or "Shall we try this way as well!". Don't ever call your child "stupid". Instead you can say if very necessary -- "you did a stupid thing, I hope you will not do that again"

Let children have their own way. It brings out their creativity. Let children express themselves so that they will be able to understand who they are and who they want to be and what goals she or he must pursue. It is good leadership which makes someone stands against injustice. 

How often do we stand up against injustice. Women are harassed everyday on public transport channels but it is very rare to see someone speaks against. In some cases even the person who is the subject of injustice, who is being harassed keeps their mouth shut, since they don't know how to speak for themselves. Some people do not know how to say "No". They put others wants in front of his/her needs. 

Parents love children. There is noting like mother's love. yes, there are incidents where mothers bury their living child , there are mothers who drop their child from bridges. Lets forget about them for a while. Mother's love for a child is unmatchable. Unfortunately extreme love can be a disadvantageous to a child in several ways. Some parents see their children as extensions of themselves. They treat children like a work of art  they created, of which they take pride in. Children are advised to an extent where they advised about what dress to wear.  Such children in their later life will find it hard to take decisions. They would be very indecisive, since they are not used to take decisions for themselves. Their parents always took decisions for them. Parents should let the child choose their path. Children should not be forced to become doctors, engineers so that parents can boast about it. Children should not be sent to music class just because the father is an ardent fan. The child could be maestro if he chose to study painting/dancing instead. Some parents expect their children to be super-children where they excel at sports, studies, aesthetics and even spiritual development. Such person would be a gruesome thing to behold. 

Poor leadership qualities also plays a role in education. Some children are not intrinsically motivated to educate themselves. They study because their parents wanted them to. 

True love is the unconditional love. I am not a parent but if I am ever going to be a father, I hope to love my son/daughter without any "if"s or "but"s. I would love them for what they are. I would say “whatever you do in your life, know this. The door of my heart will always be open to you.” [Ajahn Brahm's dear father]

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