Plucking tea with Happiness

Tea Business in Sri Lanka is highly profitable. The weather,climate,temperature and soil etc are perfect to deliver a high quality premium, refreshingly delicious cup of tea. Thus Ceylon tea has become a trademark symbol in the international tea industry.

Tea plantation worker community in Sri Lanka is a marginalized group of people who's labour is exploited. They find it difficult to attain the basic human needs like shelter,sanitary facilities and education. The low wages barely enables them to make ends meet. From the research work we as students did at Unversity of Peradeniya, I learned that plantation workers are even sexually exploited.

Tea Industry in Sri Lanka lead by the tea board is looking for ways to revitalize, renovate or re-strategize Ceylon tea. This might sound far fetched or unrealistic or even supernatural to some but I thoroughly believe that worker-happiness plays a major role in producing a better product. This can be applied to any industry. If I am working with happiness it will add value to the end product. For example if I cook food with happiness, I will be able to produce a tastier meal.

A tea plucker who is happy and healthy will be able to focus on tea plucking rather than worrying about her son's education, daughter's marriage or how she is abused by her husband everyday. A tea plucker whos basic needs are fulfilled will add value to the end product. Therefore plantation owners, authorities must cultivate a genuine concern for the workers in their attempts to re-strategize tea industry in Sri Lanka in order to achieve development that is sustainable


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